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Do you remember the first time you power-on your PC? The excitement…It was smooth, fast and efficient. Now years has gone by and you can see that it is slowing gradually to a halt. Worry not, because you can upgrade your PC in order to boost its performance.

The first component that you must upgrade is the CPU. The Central Processing Unit is the brain of the computer. It is inside the CPU that all the complex calculations and executions are performed. The faster your CPU the faster your computer. Intel CPU are the best and for desktops and laptops, Intel Core 2 Duo is the latest and greatest CPU (except if you are gamer in which you need a Quad Core). You need to find out if your PC motherboard will allow you to upgrade to Core 2 Duo CPU.

The second component that you must upgrade in order to boost your computer performance is your memory (RAM). The Random Access Memory holds all the applications while your computer is running. The bigger your RAM the more space you have to hold many applications at once. If you open multiple applications while on a low RAM capacity you will experience a slow computer. Upgrade your RAM capacity so you can run large and multiple programs.

The third component you must upgrade in order to increase the speed of your PC is the hard drive. Hard disk drive comes in various speed (measured in RTM – rotation per minute). The higher the RTM the better it can collect files from its platter, and the faster it will respond to CPU requests. What majority of people do not realize is that Hard Disk is the bottleneck between CPU and RAM.


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