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Hiring and keeping someone from Generation Y can be a challenge. Their idea of a job, a career and the loyalty to both is completely different from the generations before them. This generation does not want to be tied to a desk and required to have “face-time” at the office. They do not understand hierarchy in an organization because everyone working together makes more sense.

To attract a talented Generation Y candidate to your organization, you’re going to need to provide things that might not have mattered as much to your previous hires. Here are five things to keep in mind when you want a Millennial to work for you:

1. Culture, culture, culture. What is your culture? Is your office environment fun and stimulating? Do people like to come to work each day? This generation likes to have a pleasant place to go. It likes to enter a company that has a sense of self and is geared toward moving forward. If you haven’t built a sense of corporate culture, now is the time. Look for ways to improve camaraderie and enjoy experiences as a team.

2. Be current. The status of technology in your office space is very important as well. These candidates grew up with computers, cell phones and text messages. They expect to be able to complete their work efficiently and if poor technology hampers that, they will become very frustrated. Don’t forget about technologies that enable people work remotely.

3. Be flexible. Working mobile leads to flexibility. This generation wants to do it all. While they are producing Grade A work for you, they expect to be able to leave early to get ready for a softball game. You need to be open to the hours of work shifting. Bear in mind, they are also working late from home, because they can, and in the long run, does it matter when the work is done? It will be necessary to be less rigid about traditional work hours if you want a productive team onboard.

4. Let them know how they are contributing. These employees have no problem working late from home if they know that they are making a difference. Always keep them informed so that they know what they do for the company matters. If they know that they are working with purpose or for the greater good of the company, they will stay engaged.

5. Give them milestones they can achieve. Believing they are helping to build a company does not necessarily mean that they are going to be a 20+-year employee for you. But it is worth talking to them about their goals and providing them with a path to follow to get there. Gen Y workers are motivated by adding to their skills and growing as professionals. It is a partnership between employer and employee to help that happen.


Source by Catherine Lang-Cline

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