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Tired of that same old worn out living room? Are you getting to the point where you can’t bear to sleep in that horrible green bedroom any longer? Want to freshen up the place and don’t know where to begin? And on top of all that, what about the budget? You need some decorating ideas fast or you’re going to have to burn the place down (well hopefully not!)

If you haven’t done any redecorating since you moved into your home, you probably are getting a little stir crazy by now. After all, lime-green appliances and orange walls went out with the ’60s. If it’s been that long since you redecorated you’re going to have a lot to do and you probably want to get it all done now. So here are some cheap little decorating ideas to get you off to a quick start and make your home livable until you can make room in your budget for a complete overhaul of the house.

Just Paint It! – Do it now. One of the best cheap decorating ideas I can give you is to just slap a coat of paint on it. You’ll be amazed at the difference, and you can accomplish it in any room of your house in just one afternoon.

If you’ve already considered painting but just can’t seem to decide on a color, then stop worrying about it. At this point your choices are paint it or burn it to the ground, so any color is better than the one you already have. Pick a neutral color that you can live with and just get on with it. Once you start adding in furniture and accessories the room will look completely different anyway, and you can always add wallpaper or trim at a later date. But for now, just paint it!

Cover It Up! – You’ve probably been thinking about replacing that sofa, too, and you either don’t have the money yet or can’t decide on what you want. If it’s still in good condition then don’t waste the money on a new one. Just cover it up. Furniture throws come in a variety of colors and patterns now and they no longer look like something your grandmother used back in the ’60s. Freshen up that sofa and those chairs instead of paying to replace them.

Move It Somewhere Else! – So what if a dresser is a piece of bedroom furniture? You can also use it in the living room to hold your TV and store all your DVDs. Or put it in your dining room and use it for storage for your linen and silver. Look at all of your furniture and accessories and try moving them around into different rooms to give everything a fresh new look.

Clean It Up! – Sometimes all it takes to make your room look like new again is to give it a good cleaning. The biggest culprit is clutter. If you haven’t touched or used something for six months or more then you probably don’t need it, so get rid of it. Clean windows to let the sunshine in and then open them up to air the place out. Clear cobwebs and dust bunnies. Fluff pillows and shake rugs. A little elbow grease and lemon furniture polish, and that room might just look good as new again.


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