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When we talk about laptops, there are few things that immediately come in our minds. We prefer to have a laptop that should be looking unique, furnished with future technologies, should look fragile but with shock proof technology, lid design and keyboard should be very attractive as well. Our desires never stop here; we further expect it to have a powerful processor and enough memory so our applications run smoothly and also a big storage room. These are the basic requirements everyone thinks of when we want to buy a new laptop.

In markets there are several laptops and notebooks that meet our requirements as the competition is getting higher day by day. Although companies are doing business but still or maybe it is a business strategy to think like a normal user and design a machine accordingly. Talking about the Sony VAIO VPCS13SGX, it is amazingly designed notebook that one can dream of. Talking about its outer design, it has a beautiful lid with silver artistic writing VAIO in black and white; the lid is not very gleaming but designed very innovatively. When you open the lid, what catches your eyes attention is the LED backlight that glows with framing individual key and illuminates the letters, and the soft keys are considerably designed for finger comfort. Now this is very practical as it helps you to type in dark or where light is low. This notebook is equipped with something that majority of us are not familiar with. We may not hear of this term before which is called G sensor shock protection technology; it protects your computer against bumps and knocks during travelling, or while carrying this light weight notebook.

When it comes to the specs Sony VAIO VPCS13SGX will again engage your attention towards it. This notebook comes with the latest Intel processor 2.66GHZ with turbo boost technology. This processor can boost the speed up to 2.93GHZ with 3MB shared cache as it has the power to process anything more quickly than an eye blinks. Memory comes from 4GB and goes up to 8GB. Furthermore, storage space is 500GB SATA hard drive with 7200rpm. The graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce 310M having its own memory of 512MB, this handles very easily most of the gamming tasks and has the capability to perform HD, BLU RAY movies amazingly.

These are the base congregations and price starts with these configurations from $1300 which doesn’t allow complaining about anything. In the end, you must make certain this is not the only laptop offering these amazing features with this price. Before making a final decision, you must check out few more computers and conduct a side by side analysis.


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