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Death Knights being a heroic class in World Of Warcraft start at level 55 and it can seem weird to have a level 55 toon with no talent points to assign. Not to worry as the quests in the Ebon Hold start area will catch you up on all you talent points by the time to leave. The challenge is assigning these points to ensure you can level your toon as fast as possible.

Well, that’s what this Death Knight leveling guide is about.

The is an awesome class as it is a plate wearer that can tank as well as fill a pure damage roll equally as proficient.

The talent trees are Blood, Frost, and Unholy.

While leveling you will want a build that allows for continuous fighting with minimal downtime. This is the reason I believe Blood/Unholy is the most effective talent build for solo leveling as fast as possible.

In the Blood tree Butchery is an awesome leveling talent and should be taken no matter what talent build you ultimately end up using. Any decent Death Knight leveling guide should recommend this talent.

Rune Tap and improved Rune Tap are great for power leveling because they help to restore hit points as you fight.

Vendetta, Blood Worms, Blood Aura Mark Of Blood and Vampiric Blood help regenerate hit points and keep them up as you are trying to power level.

Focusing on the Unholy tree provides more AoE damage that has a dramatic impact on leveling a Death Knight as fast as possible. You also have talents that increase dodge, improve movement speed as well as reducing stun and fear effects.

Combining the hit regeneration capabilties of the Blood tree with the AoE damage abilities of the Unholy tree make power leveling your toon in the shortest time possible relatively easy.


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