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Loft conversions are the favoured home improvement projects of the 21st Century. Those who choose to convert are choosing to break the mould when it comes to traditionalist ideas of the role a room should play within our homes. Loft conversions are frequently created with the intentions of becoming another bedroom or extra living space. But what if you wanted to challenge conformity even more to add a new dynamic to your property. This article has a list of new and interesting ideas that you could adapt for your own personal loft space.

Cinema Room

Ever thought about converting for a cinema room? This is a great idea for an entertainment space which all the family can use and somewhere different that will impress your guests. If you’re not a fan of the conventional cinema seating arrangements then why not adapt a homely feel with the use of beanbags and sofas. This way your entertainment space will be comforting and fitting for all, bring on the popcorn!

Walk In Wardrobe

Haven’t you always wanted a walk in wardrobe? Well no you can get one without having to lose any space in your bedroom or knock in to the room next door. A loft conversion wardrobe adaptation is an interesting way to utilise the extra space and make getting dressed in the morning that much easier!

You can create a beautifully elegant and chic design with the use of interior finishings however if you wanted a more toned-down vibe then possibly lessen up on the silk chez lounge and chenille carpets. Rails and storage blocks are great ways to keep organised with important utilisation of space. If you’re growing out of your wardrobe this concept may be something to consider.

Craft Space

If you have an artistic flare and nowhere to express it then the loft space could be an excellent opportunity for you to have a dedicated location in your home for what you love doing. It is always hard to find the right space to relax and get in the zone of your projects so being up and out of the way in the loft could really make a difference for you. This can be designed simply with minimal interior decorating to be done. Incorporate a desk and some storage units and you’re on your half way there.

Home Office

An office is not really a new concept within the home however it can be challenged in to a more exciting and usable office space. Through being higher up in the house your chances of being disturbed are less likely, allowing you to focus and concentrate your entire attention to your work. Large windows places in the roof can allow for a light and bright space to work in.

Kids Play Room

A loft space with a finished floor can be a useful play room for the kids. Plenty of storage space will allow you to store all the toys in the loft so they are out of the way from the ground floor. It is always important to ensure your loft space is finished properly and complies with the building regulations for the safety of its use.


Having a GYM at home is a brilliant luxury that the majority of us feel we can’t have! We often spend a great chunk of money on health facilities but find that we are too busy to visit them so having a dedicated space in your home for working out can be a god send of a stress reliever. Large windows fitted in the loft space is great for ventilation and fresh air.

With every loft conversion, before you attempt the project, it is essential to follow out a building regulations survey to guarantee your space is fit for use. It is also important to gain professional help through the use of a loft conversion company to help you with every step of the process. Deciding what you want and planning your space is more in-depth than you may think, absolutely everything needs to be considered from window arrangements to plug socket locations, so it’s best to call in the professionals.


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