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A good way to keep income coming without losing time for other things is to earn through Smart Media Pays or Home Page Pays. It is relatively an easy-breezy way of earning, as long as you figure out how it works. An exceptionally high IQ is not necessary because if you get to find your way around social networking sites, you’ll surely make sense of this system. Smart Media pays a person by signing up for free. The member directs some people to a home page, which pays the member every time someone visits the website. This article will walk the reader through the mechanics of how it works and the potential income that can be derived from it.

How it Works

Smart Media has an application specifically for advertising. Its main page is the Home Page pays page. From there, you will see a Dynamic bar. That’s where giveaways are stored for the free users.

Smart Media boosts of equity and transparency in dealing with their customers. Internet giants profit from advertisements. Smart Media earns money the same way too. However, they value their customers so they give them a fair amount because they recognize the role that their customers play in driving revenue. It has the stamp of approval by various advertisers and affiliate marketers.

Smart Media also believes in the pay-it-forward principle. You’re able to earn from it; you should also spread the good news to other people. If you forward the browser to your friends and contacts, Smart Media will automatically pay you. In the process, you give people a viable option of earning extra income.

The freebies are too good to miss as well. Go to the home page and click on three prize boxes to get a chance to win in the draw. For more cash, you can ask non-users to register on the Home Page. Don’t forget to tell them to register using your link so that you will earn at least 25 points. These collected points will be added up and have an equivalent cash value.

How Much You Can Earn

Earnings from advertising via Smart Media Pays depend on the efforts that you exert and the number of referrals that you make. Some people consider this a primary source of income but this is most recommended as a part-time job, particularly for students that need cash for allowance.


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