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A Starcraft 2 build order tester is a tool that helps you enhance, refine, and test your Starcraft builds/strategies and by doing so improve your game. YABOT is one of the most popular build order testers as it offers a wide variety of both basic and advanced features of a tester. To begin, load up Starcraft 2 and search “YABOT”. You should see several variations of YABOT on different maps. The only difference between these is the maps on which YABOT is played on. Choose one, let YABOT download, choose the race which you wish to play and start the game.

When the game finishes loading you should see a black background with a green screen/box in the middle. From here you can branch to two pathways.

1. Make a new build. Select the first slot saying (T)(Z)(P) vs. X. Here you can record your own personal build. You start by simply executing your build. On the left it will record both the game timer and supply count when you start building a structure. Mess up? No worries simply type “-b” to return to the start screen. When you are done executing your build type “-s 0” to save your build order. It will now appear in the custom slot at the start screen.

2. Practice a build. Select one from the start screen. Not only are your custom builds located there but also other popular strategies are listed if you wish to try them.

These are the basic features of YABOT. Other things you can do with YABOT

1. Go to the official sc2 the official site of YABOT and…

2. Find other popular strategies you can practice by using a complex method to encode the build you select so I show up when you load YABOT in custom games.

3. Upload your own custom builds so your friends can see your pure genius.

4. Rate and critique other builds/strategies you find on the YABOT website and participate on the forums to improve your Starcraft 2 gaming skill.

Other interesting facts about YABOT:

The actual name is Yet Another Build Order Tester. If you choose random in the YABOT lobby the builds listed will default to Protoss. YABOT was made by “xorpwnz” and “Antistrange”. They are both strong Starcraft 2 players. You should always be able to download the latest version of YABOT at Sc2 Builds.


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