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Hunting Unlimited 2009 is a hunting game for PC users played in an FPS-style fashion. Just like any hunting game, you will still have moments where animals run in circles, tracking adventures are exciting and times where you get attacked by vicious animals, such as bears.

There will also be substantial times where you may have a tough time finding your targets. As any FPS-styled pc game, you get to have a profile where you get to name a character model out of four (three guys and one gal) and a trophy room (a scrapbook actually) where you can reminisce the killings you have made in previous mission.

If Free Hunt Mode is incapable of satisfying your hunting thirst, there’s a Challenge Mode, which provides over a hundred hunting scenarios. There are scenarios where you can snipe animals from a cliff and scenarios where you can ride on a 4×4 truck or a horse, but these things don’t steer so easily so it’s more comforting to travel by foot. Another game mode is the Target Range, if you are into tournaments and level editing this should you give enough satisfaction. However, the tournament system is a bit tedious. It requires you to download a tourney file and then upload back your score string. The probable reason for this is to allow no real-time online support.

On the other hand, the level editor is worst. The tutorials aren’t any good in helping you create your own scenarios, but there’s an abundant supply of guides or walkthroughs that you can find online. The graphics is just so-so, but still forgivable.

Overall, with the variety of animals, environments and weapons at your disposal, Hunting Unlimited 2009 can still be entertaining to some extent despite its shortcomings.


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