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Having limited space is one of the biggest problems that many people face today. With today’s trend of having smaller spaces and rooms, those who are living in a small studio apartment are facing an incredible challenge. If you are living in an apartment unit, you have a good idea how limited the space can be.

So how can you turn your studio apartment into a comfortable, relaxing, and inviting living space? Here are a few interior decorating tips; however, you must first consult your landlord or property management to ensure that your interior design ideas are acceptable and allowed.

Bring In What Is Necessary

The most basic tip for decorating your apartment is to make sure that it doesn’t appear crowded, cluttered, and small. The best way to ensure that you are not overwhelmed by the small space is to bring in what is absolutely necessary. You must avoid adding non-essential items. Remember that a studio apartment won’t provide you with the luxury of putting up unnecessary items for mere aesthetics.

Choose A Theme

There are various styles and themes you can choose from, including Mediterranean, modern, contemporary, and art deco themes. By choosing a theme, you will be able to decide which paint colors to use and what accessories you can add to achieve the theme you have in mind.

In addition, having a single theme will help you arrange your furniture and belongings to create a proper flow of the room. Remember though to avoid overdoing the design and do not complicate things. It is advisable to keep it simple and make sure that you have well-defined areas and spaces.

Painting The Walls

You can also consider painting the walls of your space; however, you need to consult your landlord if you are allowed to change the colors of the room. If you are given permission then you may want to consider using lighter colors, especially when you have a small space. Remember that the shades you choose can influence the spatial appearance of any room. Using lighter colors, such as soft and pastel shades, will make your studio apartment look bigger. However, if you want to use darker colors, try to only accent the walls. In doing so, the room wouldn’t look closed-in and small.

Dividing The Space And Adding Lights

To create sections in your space, you can use dividers. You can use glass or wood dividers. In addition, you must also add proper lighting. This will add appeal to your room and help set the mood. In addition, proper lighting can make your studio apartment look less crammed.


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