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The history of fashion is filled with various kinds of fashion trends.Specially the trend of wearing leather garment jackets is equally popular between men and women but it is more famous and adopted by men. In 2010 the trend of leather jackets has become necessary and it has turned into various types, it seems that this trend will become ageless with the passage of time. There are a lot of leather companies which are creating different kinds of leather and the designers turned them into different variations like jackets, trousers etc. Like D & G has been created a variety of sports jackets. Brown color jackets looks classical more than any other color and it also comes in a different range of designs and patterns.

In the leather industry the popular thing is Biker’s jackets which are equally popular between bikers and ordinary people. The fashion trends of other things and styles may die with the passage of time but the trend of leather hot jackets among men of every profession can never ever die because it has a universally classic effect which attracts others and make men looking nice and adorable. In 2010 – 2011 leather garment jacket is the basic and main theme of men’s catwalk or any designer’s show with new and unique variations which would be adopted by the present generation and the next generation. These variations and styles are acquiring fame day by day. Leather jackets do not require any body shape or any other thing it easily can be fitted at each kind of body. This trend has got more fame in 2010 – 2011.


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