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Most men these days are suffering from stress. Indeed, life has become very tough these days for an average man. You spend too much time dealing with irrational bosses, hardworking colleagues, and clients at work. After you come home, you again have to listen to your partner nag you for never being home, and how you don’t care enough. After you do some of the chores to keep her happy, you would then like to spend some time with yourself. In these moments, you wouldn’t want to watch flowery, weepy movies on TV, or even look at a screen. You can then choose to read Nuts magazine. This magazine is especially for men, and focuses on every area which every man would certainly be interested in.

Why Nuts?

The magazine is one of UK’s most popular ones. And for good reason too. It covers every possible subject which men would never get enough of – like sports, cars, bikes, health and fitness, games, gadgets and not to forget – babes in bikinis! The pictures of the models in this magazine are extremely interesting, and at the same time, are not so bad that you would have to hide them from your partner. There are excellent articles that are written on every possible topic, and you can get the latest updates on all of your favourite areas of interest. Thus, you would find a lot of stuff to discuss in those rare moments when you are with the boys, rather than letting people complain about their troubles at home or at work. You will find that even among the boys, you are one of the most interesting and most happening people.

Unwind Yourself

The biggest advantage of this magazine is that it helps you unwind. You will feel very relaxed while you go through it, and lose yourself in your own world – a world that is far away from gardening problems, cooking problems, bill payments, and commitment stuff. If you love gadgets, you can find out where the latest toys are being sold at the best rates so that you can get hold of them before anyone else does. There are also some very amusing jokes in the magazine, stuff which you should certainly not quote before the ladies. Not because they are inappropriate – but because women would never be able to appreciate these.

Instead, you could tell them to the boys at work, and you will find that people come to regard you as one of the most humorous persons they know. There are also some interesting games, which would help you enjoy some special moments. If you love gaming, you would be very pleasantly surprised to find that sometimes, the magazine gives you a free CD where there are some of the best games that can be enjoyed on the computer. You can also find out the best websites to download mobile applications, and much more.

Subscribe Now

It is best recommended that you take a subscription for the magazine, rather than pick it up at the stalls. Its popularity is such that you may sometimes miss issues if you get to the stall too late. Also, when you subscribe to the magazine, you will receive a very good discount which would help you save tremendously. Watch out for the special offers – they help you save up to 40% sometimes off the cover price.


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