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There is nothing like a little music to spruce up your life…or even your Neopets page! A lot of people that play Neopets are always asking me how they can add some of their favorite songs to their existing Neopets page, many of which are not that familiar with html, which is the language that is used to make many webpages, as well as the format that Neopets use to create their personal pages.

There are many pages around the web that can teach you html, however is you are wanting to learn how to use html on your Neopets page to add music your best bet is to head on over to the official Neopets website. They have many tutorials on how to create your Neopets page.

Currently, the visitor that is on your page must use Internet Explorer in able to listen to the rap music that you have “pasted” into your Neopets homepage. Any other browser such as Firefox, Opera, or Safari is not supported by Neopets.

So how do I get the music then? Well first things first, the music must be recorded and hosted on the internet somewhere, whether it be on your own server or maybe a friends server. There are many sites across the net that allow you to use their music. One of the best ways to find music is too search for a MySpace Resource page that supplies music. Just do a search on Google for one.

Once you have found the location of the url to your music file, all you need to do is paste that into your Neopets page by first removing the line of code: /help/beep.wav, and then replace that with the location of the music that you want to put into your page.

For more Neopets Rap Music Codes you may wish to visit our site by visiting the link below. I hope you have found this short music code tutorial helpful and best of luck to those of you in NeoWorld!


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