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Think it is a little too cold to be shopping for a new bathing suit? Well, it’s warm somewhere in the world, so by all means check out the latest trends in beach chic. In women’s swimsuits, the modest sister to the bikini is the tankini, sporting a tank top instead of the more common bra top style. They are amazingly popular and are available in a number of bold colors and patterns.

In woman’s swimwear swimsuits, this style actually started to become popular in the 1980s, but it has finally reached a peak in the world of beach chic. The tank tops may reveal a little bit of the midriff, as some versions may leave an inch or two exposed. Other styles may fit directly to the waist of the bottom, thus providing more coverage.

However, the bottoms may be anything from a thong or g-string to panties and modest square-cut shorts. These types of womens swimsuits can be especially flattering for the plus size woman, as they offer good bust support and the bottoms can be anything from a skirt to shorts. The skirted bottom has great coverage for fuller thighs and all versions allow for ways to minimize the flaws without sacrificing style or comfort.

Many woman who have a long torso complain about a one piece swimsuit being too short and uncomfortable; however, the tankini not only gives the illusion of a shorter torso it is also much more comfortable. Some women who have a shorter torso report that the break between the bottom and top is not the best look for them. If you are looking for versatility and style, then tankinis are a great choice as they can be mixed and matched in any number of ways creating several different looks.

Women have also reported that this style provides more security than a sexy bikini bra top, leading to fewer accidental exposures. For the more curvaceous women it is a good idea to look for the type where skin coverage between the top and bottom is at a maximum. If it is shorter, then there is a chance of excess bulging. Their versatility makes them a very popular choice to either play down the flaws or enhance the assets.

A tankini is the perfect choice if you want to feel sexy and stylish without feeling overly exposed. They are great for different beach sports, such as swimming, water skiing and beach volleyball. These two piece swimsuit tankinis also reduce the chance of a mishap or over exposure happening, as might happen with a bikini. Women of any age will find them a great choice for exposing just a little, which is perfect for tweens, yet stylish enough to please everyone.


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