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One of the biggest fashion trends for the 2011 spring season is the fit and flare dress. These cute dresses are ideal for many body types and come in numerous patterns and colors. That means you can customize the look of this dress to fit virtually any need or desire you have. This dress style is one that the celebrities have worn for years, but it is becoming a popular option for everyone this season.

What Is It?

The fit and flare style of dress has a fitted top portion and a flared skirt. For spring and summer, expect to see options that are off shoulder, tank top-style or may be sleeveless altogether. The flare may have pleating, or not, depending on the designer’s creation. Some dresses also have an embellishment at one shoulder, while others feature that embellishment at the hip. This adds just a bit more glamour to this otherwise simplistic style dress.

Why Buy It?

The fit and flare dress style is not only cute but it is very forgiving. It helps to hide the multitude of your lower body’s less than ideal features. However, it is not a boring, straight fitting dress. Rather, it gives your body shape and dimension due to the fitted top. In fact, women who may be a bit larger on the bottom can have more of that hourglass figure by wearing the fit and flare style of dress. The dress’s cut can range from one designer to the next, of course, but the overall style is eye catching and appealing.

What To Wear

The fit and flare style dress is a good option for both spring and summer. These shorter skirt dresses can have numerous pattern options. Choose an uneven pattern with bright colors to stand out. White backgrounds with bright colors, for example, help this dress to truly stand out in the public. Match it with a great pair of heels and a handbag to complete the look. Choose designer styles the give your body that pleasing style. For the springtime, go with bright colors. As fall winds down, choose more subtle colors unless you want to make a fashion statement of your own.

Ready To Wear It?

The fit and flare style dress is not a new style, but it is one of the most popular choices this season. Keeping that in mind, remember that you will have numerous options. Choose fun and bright colors for the most impressive look. And, look for unique features in the designer dresses for 2011. For example, some have a straight neck while others have a plunging neckline.

Were the fit and flare style dress to a spring wedding. You can also easily wear this less than revealing dress to work at the office. It is a great choice for nearly any occasion because of its style. Go ahead and check out the designer trends that follow this fit and flare style dress. You may be impressed with how many of these you will want in your closet this year.


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