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Pros Resolution+ Technology One of the main features of the Toshiba Regza 52XV645U is its Super Resolution Technology (SRT) called Resolution+ which basically enhances image details so they look sharper and more realistic. Because of this, the 52XV645U delivers good picture quality, and even renders standard-definition content in amazing HD.

Picture Controls The picture quality of the Regza 52XV645U can be further improved with some calibration since it offers a number of picture settings. True, you will need to dig deep into the on-screen menu, which is not the most user-friendly, in order to find some of the important options but they are there, alright. If you don’t feel confident about calibrating your HDTV, you can also switch on the AutoView function which automatically sets the ideal parameters for each picture. Other automatic functions include the dynamic backlight control and dynamic noise reduction function.

Design Like many of the 2009 Toshiba HDTVs, this Regza model sports a design called Deep Lagoon, wherein the only accent on its otherwise plain black bezel is the shiny silver strip at the bottom that adds another dimension and sophistication to this HDTV. Because it’s piano black, it is guaranteed to blend in nicely with any living room.

Price As mentioned earlier, the Regza 52XV645U comes at a relatively low price – as low as $1200. That’s lower than same-sized LCD models from other brands like the Sony KDL-52W5100 or the Samsung LN52B630, making it a good choice for those on a tight budget.

Energy Efficiency The Regza 52XV645U is an Energy Star rated HDTV, so it isn’t too heavy on your electric bill.

Cons Black Levels The black levels of Toshiba Regza HDTVs have yet to catch up with those created by other LCD HDTV brands. Those on the Regza 52XV645U, in particular, look a bit washed out, marring the accuracy and saturation of the rest of the colors and the shadow detail.

Motion Resolution Although the Regza 52XV645U has a 120Hz refresh rate, which is relatively good for an LCD TV, it still has a hard time displaying fast-moving scenes. It struggles more with the ClearFrame function turned off, as motion lag is easily noticed.

Sound For a large HDTV, the sound of the Regza 52XV645U comes out weak, even hollow. You will need to change some settings if you want better audio, or better yet, buy an external speaker system.

Viewing Angle LCD HDTVs are known to suffer from poor off-angle viewing and this holds true for the Toshiba Regza 52XV645U. Indeed, if you sit even just 30 degrees away from the centre, the screen appears dim and the colors appear more washed out so you won’t be able to enjoy your viewing experience as much.

Interactive Suite The Toshiba Regza 52XV645U has nothibng to show for this area, unlike many of its counterparts, so those who want to do more than watch on their HDTV should look elsewhere.

Conclusion The Toshiba Regza 52XV645U has its share of pros and cons so choosing whether to get it or not should depend on what you really want in an HDTV. If you want truly amazing picture quality with inky blacks, you should keeping searching but if you’re fine with decent picture quality, processing and connectivity, and are a bit short on cash, you can consider this one. It’s a decent HDTV, after all, which is more than you can say for some.


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