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It is really great that new ultraportable notebook prices are more affordable.

Such is the ultraportable Twin Head H12M, for the same price as most notebooks normal size.

It is also one of the first ultraportables to a wide-screen sports, but because of size constraints, the screen is only 12.1in wide.

This means that the screen is not as impressive as the larger on notebooks and desktop replacement, unless you look carefully you might not even notice that there was a wide screen.

Twin Head notebooks H12M

The screen is a glossy variety, which looks really beautiful, but it is a bit difficult to use outdoors.

It has a resolution of 1280 x 800pixels, the sharp enough for a screen this size.

Hi-Ho Silver

The Twin Head, I voted for the review was almost completely silver, except for the keyboard, making the usual black.

I have no problems with the color, but I do not think it pleasant for all. In any case, the H12M also comes in black.

Like most new notebooks, the ports are usually on the sides, it is commendable that this is a very small notebook and space is a premium.

Only the modem and network ports are located on the back side, which is not as bad as I focused mainly on its wireless connections (the notebook has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) to surf and the transfer of files on my computer.

There are three USB ports on the right side, and they are pretty good distance, so you would have no problems plugging in more than one accessory at the same time.

It also comes with the new Express Card slot, but not the old PC-Card slot – this is just a sign of progress in the industry is that finally away from the old card slot. However, a lot of expansion cards such as 3G cards are still just as PC Cards.

And surprisingly it came with a DVD burner, most companies just a combo drive in an ultraportable – but we are not complaining.

The notebook also comes with a card reader accepts that popular formats such as SD, MMC and Memory Stick.

The only thing the notebook is very short, the quick access keys – it is only an introduction to the Windows Media Player. More would have been better, definitely. And that’s not shine in the multimedia department either as the speakers are very soft, but with headphones easily solves.

Hot air

About the only thing I did not like about the notebook is that it is running a little hot after a while – they have not on your lap, if you plan to use it for a long time.

This is because the fan is on the lower side of the notebook, and though a vent is on the side, most of the hot air is channeled down.

All this helps cool the Intel Core Duo processor 2, which is as strong enough to multitasking very well.

Even with the notebook 512MB RAM, I could run multiple applications simultaneously, but I would still prefer to 1 GB of RAM to the future.

Because it is not a game machine, it is based on the Intel Media Graphics Accelerator 950 graphics engine, with all the attendant responsibilities, the graphics produced decent results, as long as you do not stray from the 2D graphics (or basic 3D) path .


The battery lasted for nearly three hours on a single charge, which is very good, when you consider that it is not possible to a large battery pack in a notebook of this size. Plus, the battery is not explode during the review 🙂

For what it costs, the H12M value for money, and it does not renounce all features – in fact, it has a powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor, a wide-screen, sufficient space on the hard drive, a DVD burner and decent battery life.

Pros: Nice looking, Core Duo processor 2; good battery life, very affordable.


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