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In the world of SEO, LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It is a method of ranking websites based on the words that it has, and not just the keywords. LSI has become popular since Google has an algorithm that provides better search results using what are known as LSI words. We’ll speak more about that later here.

How LSI Works

Let us begin with an example. Consider that someone wants to search for something related to Blackberry, the mobile phones. But, how does the search engine know that you are looking for Blackberry, the phone, and not blackberry, the fruit? That’s where it uses LSI words. It looks for the other words in your keyphrase which you used to search for content with. Then it checks all the articles on the Internet that has those other words. Looking at those other words, it builds a pattern of words that are specific to Blackberry, the cell phone.

If you had searched for ‘new Blackberry models’, then the search engine will look for these three words: new + Blackberry + models. It will look for articles that have all these three words, and preferably in the same order. Then, it will give you results that have these words in different orders. And, when even that is exhausted, it will look for articles that have variations of these words… such as for models, the variations could be devices, units, handsets and so on. For new, the variations could be modern, current, recent, etc. All these are LSI keywords.

Eventually, the results that you get are variations of the keyphrase that you inputted. Definitely, what you get will be related to the Blackberry cell phones. The fruits are definitely out!

How LSI Helps in SEO

LSI helps in search engine optimization. Quite simply, as Google indexes webpages according to the words that they contain, it arrives at a pattern. To put it in plain language, webpages that have more of the words that Google has found out in the pattern will be ranked higher than others that don’t have these words.

In lay terms, LSI is a method of ranking websites according to the number of popular words related to the main keyword that it contains. Even if each word is present just once, the impression is that this is a webpage that has more meaningful content, and Google will be proud to parade it in its search results. Most of the best SEO Companies will be analysing LSi keywords used on a website.

How to Use LSI

There are various sources that can help you to enhance your web content using LSI words. You could use a dedicated tool like Quintura, Wordtracker or you could even use a free tool such as the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Simply type in your main keyword here, and you will see the LSI words shown in a cloud (on Quintura) or as a table (on Google AdWords).

It may be useful to use some LSi words in your inbound anchor text links, so your link building efforts look natural to the search engines.

Just use as many of these words as you can, and you will have some wonderfully search engine optimized content. The search engines will be happy that you have all the words that people are looking for, and you will be happy because of the increased flow of traffic that your websites begin to get.


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