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The best version of Linux for PS3 is the latest release… one that doesn’t void out your warranty when you install it. What’s more is that it turns your PS3 into a multi-tasking Linux computer and you can even have it run Microsoft Windows as an OS, making it also a PC! Now you can use the best version of Linux for PS3 to go online, download and play games for PS3 and other platforms, even PC games and those good old Nintendo games from the old days. You can also download and run any PC applications you wish, as well as all the movies you ever care to watch.

This phenomenal new application is the best version of Linux for your PS3 that you could ever use because any upgrades you wish to make to your PS3 will never be interfered with by this installation and in turn, none of the Sony upgrades to PS3 will ever interfere with the performance of the best version of Linux for PS3. This is the cutting edge of technology to make your small PS3 gaming system into a workhorse doing the job of a few machines all in one system.

Think about it – do you have limited space? Is your dorm room smaller than a foot locker? Can’t have a Linux computer and a PC and a movie player and a gaming system all in the same space? Well, now you can! You can now have the power of all of these in your one little gaming system all at once. And once again, this installation does not void out your warranty on your PS3 one bit.


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