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X3daudio1_3.dll is a component created by Microsoft as part of the DirectX application, which helps enable the users to have a better all-round gaming experience with enhanced graphics resolution. This file is necessary for DirectX to work properly. This file encounters errors due to the way in which Windows is unable to process the file properly which could be because the file has been damaged or has gone missing. To be able to play your desired game or multimedia files, you need to resolve the errors. Fortunately, this tutorial will provide you with a working fix for the x3daudio1_3.dll errors.

What Causes X3dAudio1_3.dll Errors?

The error notifications that the x3deaudio1_3 file normally shows usually appear in these formats:

  • “The file x3daudio1_3 is missing”
  • “X3daudio1_3.DLL Not Found”
  • “File x3daudio1_3.dll not found”

The different error messages are commonly caused by the file being rendered unreadable by Windows, either because it has been corrupted or because it has been misplaced accidentally. The DirectX version installed on your PC can also cause the error messages to appear if you have an older version of the program installed, as many newer games need the latest updates to be able to work properly. In addition, problems in the registry can cause the error to show. You need to identify the source of the problem to be able to fix x3daudio1_3.dll errors.

How To Fix X3dAudio1_3.dll Errors On Your PC

The simplest way to fix the x3daudio1_3.dll errors on your PC involves making sure that your DirectX version is upgraded to the latest version, and also ensuring the file is working properly. Having the most updated DirectX will eliminate the error notifications and will enable you to play your desired games. To upgrade DirectX, you need to remove it first and then download the latest version of it from the Microsoft website or you can use this link to obtain the file installer. Save the file onto your hard drive, run the installer and follow the wizard to finish the installation. You need to reboot your PC afterwards.

If the error messages still appear, you need to replace the dll file with a fresh working copy and then register it onto your system. You can get the file using this link and then register it by first locating the current x3daudio1_3.dll file, rename it, place the new file in the same directory, which is “C:WindowsSystem32” and click Start > Run and type “cmd” to use your Command Prompt. Once inside, type “regsvr32 x3daudio1_3” and press ENTER. This process will provide a fresh version of the dll file. If the error persists, you need to clean out your registry.

The problem can easily be caused by errors inside the registry. The registry is a big database that holds the system information about all of the file and program settings. Windows must use the entries in the registry to load all the files and programs properly. When the registry becomes damaged, problems will occur, such as the x3daudio1_3.dll error you are seeing now. You can resolve the x3daudio1_3.dll errors by fixing the registry. You can choose to manually repair the errors, which is quite troublesome and dangerous, or you can use a registry cleaner application that can perform the cleaning automatically by doing a thorough system scan to detect broken registry entries and then repair them. We highly recommend that you obtain this cleaning tool that can remove 99% of errors in your system and even help stop viruses from infecting your system.


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